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RapidAssist is a visual communication tool that allows technicians to provide a higher standard of support while significantly reducing call times.
See What They See
It is easier for support technicians to diagnose problems by seeing them rather than having users try to describe what they are seeing.
Instant Visual Collaboration
RapidAssist streamlines the support process, allowing technicians and users to focus on solving the problem rather than trying to describe the screen.
Typical helpdesk remote-control tools are actually remote administration tools, never intended for human-to-human support. How many of your calls are training issues, and not actually a software or hardware problem? More than half if you are like most organizations.
Bottom-Line Benefits
Improve customer satisfaction. Resolve problems more quickly and in full view of the user.
Faster problem resolution means shorter hold times.
Front-line technicians can handle more calls.
Reduce the number of repeat incidents.
Reduce onsite visits by support technicians.
This is a very affordable tool for any size company or educational institution!
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