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Pentium-100A is the product in "PENTIUM" series.
"PENTIUM" series has the full range of ESCs from 6A to 100A.
The Pentium-100A supports 2-6S Li-poly battery pack or 5-18 cells NiCd/NiMH battery pack. It is a good choice for big RC aircraft and helicopter models. :
The following picture shows the custom-built heat sink for Pentium-100A, it has a perfect heat sinking effect so the whole ESC works more reliable.
There are 4 earholes on the base board, so it is very easy to install the ESC firmly with screws.

1.1 Output: Continues 100A, Burst 120A up to 10 Secs.
1.2 Input Voltage: 2-6 cells lithium battery or 5-18 cells NiCd/NIMh battery
1.3 BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit) Output: None
1.4 Max Speed: 210,000rpm for 2 Poles BLM, 70,000rpm for 6 poles BLM, 35,000rpm for 12 poles BLM. (BLM: BrushLess Motor)
1.5 Size: 55mm*78mm*15mm(width*length*height)
1.6 Weight: 125g
1.7 Packaging include:
3 sets of gold plated motor connectors and heat-shrink tubings (Remark: motor connectors and heat-shrink tubings need to be purchased additionally)
2.1 Safety Arming Feature: Regardless the Throttle Stick position, the motor will not spin after battery connected. This will prevent any injury happened.
2.2 Throttle Calibration: Throttle range can be configured to provide best throttling linearity, fully compatible with all market available transmitters.
2.3 Programmable Items:
Brake Settings: brake enabled / brake disabled, default is brake disabled
Battery Type: Li-xx(Li-ion or Li-poly) / Ni-xx(NiMh or Nicd) , default is Li-xx.
Low Voltage Protection Mode(Cutoff Mode) : power reducing / power cutoff, default is power reducing.
Low Voltage Protection Threshold(Cutoff Threshold) : low / medium / high, default is medium cutoff voltage.
1) For Li-xx battery, number of battery cells are judged automatically, low / medium / high cutoff voltage for each cell are: 2.6V/2.85V/3.1V. For example: 10 Cell Li-Poly, when medium cutoff voltage is set, the cutoff voltage is: 2.85*10=28.5V.
2) For Ni-xx battery, low / medium / high cutoff voltages are 0%(ie. never cut off ) /45%/60% of the startup voltage. For example: a 10 cells NiMH battery pack, fully charged voltage is 1.44*10=14.4V, when medium cutoff voltage is set, the cutoff voltage is : 14.4*45%=6.5V
Startup mode: normal / soft / super-soft, default is normal startup.
Timing: low / medium / high, default is medium timing. In normal cases, low timing can be used for most motors. But for high efficiency, we recommend the Low timing for 2 poles motor and Medium timing for 6 poles and above. For higher speed, High timing could be used.
2.4 Full Protection Features: Low-voltage cutoff protection / over-heat protection / throttle signal lost protection.

3.1 Military Standard Capacitor with extreme low resistance used on voltage input section, this will increase the ability of prevention of unwanted RF Noise/ Interference during flying.
3.2 . Extreme low resistance PCB used on power output section, the thickness of copper sheet is more than 0.7mm. So the whole ESC has super current endurance capability.
3.3 Compatible with Hobbywing's Program Card .
3.4 Own complete intellectual property rights.
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