Sell RC806 dissolution tester

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The RC806 Dissolution Tester is one of our newest apparatus for dissolution testing.
This microprocessor-controlled tester offers eight stirred positions with two lines and allows for easy manual sampling. The tester head can be electronically raised to an upper position for easily assembling or changing the vessels, shafts, paddles, etc. , and can also descend to a lower position for operating. The unique clutch design assures the shaft is locked in place. Once the height is set, there is no need to worry about a change in alignment. In addition, this tester offers the flexibility of using smaller diameter shafts and mini paddles for low-volume dissolution testing. The vessel plate ensures the correct positioning of the vessels inside the water bath with respect to the stirrer axis. The heater-circulator provides precise and uniform temperature control, and its high throughput minimizes time of warming up. There is a 25-pin jack in the rear of the test head for connecting an external micro-printer to print out the time, rpm, and temperature at the beginning of test-run and the sampling time points.