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APPLICAIONS: Natural colourant, it can be used in acidic foods such as soft drinks, jams and jelllis.
SOURCE: Red Cabbage Colour is obtained by aqueous extraction and purification of red cabbage (Brasia oleraceea L. Vet. capitata DC) . It contains anthocyanins and other fiavonoides.
SOLUBILITY: Soluble in water, alcohol and acetic acid. Insoluble in oil. Colour hue in the end product depends on the pH value. At pH 2.0-6.0 Red Radish Colour produces a red colour. At pH 7.0 and above, a violet or a blue colour is produced.
1. Appearance: Dark-red liquid or powder.
2. Colour Value (E 10%1cm, 530nm, pH 3.0) . 100MIN (liquid) , 300MIN (powder) ,
3. Heavy Metal: 20mg/kg MAX
4. Arsenic (As) : 4.0mg/kg MAX
5. Total Microb: 1000/ml MAX Pathogenic Bacteria: Not Detected
6. pH: 2.0-3.0
7. Citric Acid: 3- 5%
STORAGE: Protect from air, light and heat. Store in cool conditions.
PACKING: Liquid: 25kg Polythene Barrel
Powder: 1kg X 20 Carton