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Product Name:
1) Fire dried chilli with stem Yunan Chilli
2) Snow White Pumpkinseed
3) Hibiscus Flower


Fit for human consumption according to international and Mexican norms .

Country of destination: Mixico

Payment: Bank Guarantee for all qty. and LC to be paid against shipping documents.

Price: To be negotiated

Specifications Yunan Chilli:
1) Size: 13- 14 cm
2) Color: Red Red
3) Humidity: Well Dry
4) qty : 200MT-300MT

Specifications: Snow White Pumpkinseed
1) Size: 10-11cm, 11-12cm, 12cm up/10pcs
2) Color: Snow White
3) Moisture: 11% (max. )
4) QTY : 200MT-300MT

Specifications: Hibiscus Flower
1) Size:
2) Color: Red Wine
3) Moisture: 17%
4) QTY : 200MT-300MT