REFINED WHITE CANE SUGAR ICUMSA 45 You May Also Be Interested In: refined white cane refined white cane sugar refined white cane sugar icumsa 45 refined white sugar white cane sugar icumsa 45
Available Amount: Any Amount
Prices CIF:
12.500 M/T. USD$ Consult
25.000 M/T. USD$ Consult
50.000 M/T. USD$ Consult
100.000 M/T. USD$ Consult

Payment: Irrevocable, Transferable, Fully Funded Documentary Letter of Credit Automatic Revolving, Issued or Confirmed by an Acceptable Major Bank, Payable 100 % at Sight of Documents, Shipment per Shipment.
Documents: Bill(s) of Lading marked Freight Pre-Paid  Commercial Invoice  Certificate of Origin - Certificate of Ownership  Phytosanitary and Health Certificate  Certificate of Radiation  Certificate of Fumigation  SGS Inspection Report re; Quality and Quantity  Packing List  Tally of Count from Stevedoring Company.
Performance Bond: 2% by Sellers Bank
Shipping: Within 30/45 days after receipt and acceptance of L/C.
Discharge: All costs at Port of Discharge for Account of the Buyer.
Inspection: Quality, Quantity, Weight and Phytosanitary by S. G. S. or equivalent at Sellers cost at Port of Loading.
Loading: All costs at Port of Loading for the account of the Seller.
1. Seller (and/or Sellers Agent) issues ICPO;
2. Buyer accepts and Signs ICPO, including his Bank information as well as BCL/POF by Buyers Bank and forwards to Seller;
3. Seller countersigns ICPO, including his Bank Information and copies thereof are forwarded to Buyer and if required to Sellers Bank and Buyers Bank;
4. Seller issues Contract for Buyers signature and Buyer returns signed Contract to Seller. Hard copies hereof to be exchanged by courier as specified in Contract;
5. Buyers Bank confirms POF, the availability of LC, the format/verbiage thereof and their readiness to issue said LC, to Sellera Bank within 3 banking days of receiving copy of signed Contract;
6. Seller confirms POP per Annexure C of Contract, Sellers Bank confirms availability of PB, the format/verbiage thereof and their readiness to issue said PB, to Buyers Bank within 3 banking days of receipt of POF and LC confirmation from Buyers Bank;
7. Buyers Bank and Sellers Bank approves the validity and legitimacy as well as the format/verbiage a Buyers LC and Sellers PB;
8. Buyers Bank issues non-operative Letter of Credit; in return Sellers Bank issues operative Performance Bond;
9. The Operative Performance Bond activates the Letter of Credit;
10. Shipment commences as per contract.

Packing:50 Kg Oceangoing New Polypropylene (PP) with Polyethylene (PE) Liner  2% extra bags.
Origin: Brazil
Polarization: 99.8% min.
Moisture: 0.04% max.
Granulation: Medium to Fine.
So: 20 mg/kg.
Colour: Crystal Sparkling White.
Solubility: 100% dry and free flowing
Radiation: Normal
Crop: 2006
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
Any Amount
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
12.500 Ton
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
C&26F Any Port