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Products NO. Volt Watt DXH Base Avg life(H)
(V) (W) (MM) ( H)
R43 110-240 15-40 26X78 E27 1000
R50 110-240 15-40 30X74 E14S/E27 1000
R63 110-240 15-60 32X92 E27 1000
M80 110-240 15-60 35X98 E27 1000
M95 110-240 25-100 95X125 E27 1000
Compliance with safety regulations and other standards
Luminaires should not only look good and give out good light, they must be safe. Safety is guaranteed by compliance with a variety of regulations and standards. Luminaires from YONGFA meet all relevant national and international regulations.
Protection against electrical shock
Each luminaire is insulated so that any exposed metal parts do not carry electrical current. Parts that carry current during normal operation must be protected against contact either by insulation or a suitable cover. Additional measures are taken to prevent exposed metal parts carrying current even if an insulation fault occurs. The table on the right shows the three protection classes used in Germany.
Protection classes
*Luminaires with a terminal for a protective conductor to which all metal parts that could carry current in the event of a fault must be connected.
*In luminaires with this symbol there must be no exposed metal parts that could carry current in the event of a fault (total insulation or double insulation) .
*Luminaires to be operated with safety extra-low voltage (SELV) , i. e. voltages under 42 V generated with a safety transformer to VDE 0551 or supplied by batteries (standard or rechargeable) .