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Product Name:RF Cable Assembly(including SMA TO MCX, SMA TO N, N To MCX, SMA TO MMCX, SMA TO IPEX, SMB TO IPEX, N TO N, ETC)

1, Cable Style: RG178 Or RG179 or RG113 or RG137 or 1.13mm or CFD200 cable.
Inner conductor:Silver-coated copper
Dielectric Layer:FEP
Braid:Silver-coated copper
Outer Cover:FEP

2, Electrical Characteristics:
Working Voltage:30V
Insulation Resistance:5000M Ohm
Contact Resistance:335Ohm(KM)200c max
Dielectric Resistance:3G Ohm(KM)200c min
Impedance:50 Ohm
Maximum Power:30dBm

3, Environmental:
Working Temperature:-55~2000c

The product is in compliance with ROHS standard.
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