Sell RF Detector (TG1003)

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High (H) 156mm
Width (W) 37mm

High strength alnico, project plastic cover board

Antenna colour : milk white

Scan range:
Soft label Maximum: 1.4M
Hard label Maximum:1.6M
Big scutcheon Maximum:2.0M

Advanced DSP full digital signal processing and digital signal distinguish tech(RF/ADD) ;

Dynamic noise control technology, strong antinoise capability.

Digital self-accommodate filter and self-accommodate multi-signal jump-frequency technology, put an end to the possibility of misinforming at a maximum.

Strong circumstance adaptability, highly sensitive, swift respond, low rate at misinforming and failing to report.

Self-bear luxury multifunction display, convenient and simple for installing and debugging.
The outline designed by streamline, handsome, wide between antenna doors, sober appearance, in good taste, suitable for good-sized stores, brand raiment and shoes multiple shop.

Design and manufacture measure up the regulation of wireless electricity frequency , signal intension, electromagnetism interfere(EI) , RFI and other aspects issued by FCC completely.