Sell RF Skin Tightening and Lifting beauty system

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RF Skin Tightening and Lifting beauty system
Model: BS-RF2

Radio frequency skin promotion system, of which the unique 0.25 ~ 6MHZ adjustable technology is applied. And make sure the transition between anodes to cathode is efficient, for the optimization of frequency. The system is effective in tightening and lifting skin and shaping body at the same time. The treatment is painless and the result is obvious just end of treatment.


-- Remove wrinkle on the face: Look-up wrinkle, glabellum wrinkle, crow's-feet, channel wrinkle around the nose and the lips,

wrinkles at the former ears, down eyelid wrinkle, neck wrinkle.

-- Promotion, tightening: Promote and tight the forehead, eye-around, face and neck; shrink the pore, remove the double chin

-- Shape the body: Arm, thigh, abdomen, promote and tight the waist, improve the orange-peel like tissue on the body.

-- Melt fat, loose weight, shaping, delete gravidity lines, face shaping