Sell RF beauty equipment for skin tightening

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Rf beauty equipment with Monopolar and Bipolar output For Cellulite Treatment

Model: BS-RF2UK

Radio frequency skin promotion system, also known as thermage beauty technology, of which the unique 0.25 - 47MHZ adjustable technology is applied. The BS-RF2/BS-RF2UK model chooses the best frequency range and RF wave output mode for cosmetic purpose with good treatment result as well as providing comfortable user experience. And make sure the transition between anodes to cathode is efficient, for the optimization of frequency. The skin organization resists the electrode changing action naturally; in this case, heating effect heats up the collagen and causes the denaturalization, which is called collagen shrinkage.

Product Feature
1. Variable frequency to adapt to concurrent treated skin status
2. Mono-polar and Bi-polar output
3. Professional RF delivery handpiece including 3 for mono-polar output and 1 for bi-polar output
4. Two handpieces with three different probes provide more functions. The smaller probes are use for smooth wrinkle and skin lifting. The bigger one for loose weight, body shaping and deletes orange-peel skin.
5. Full size true color touch screen panel
6. Built-in customer information management software
7. Professional treatment report can be printed by true-color printer (optional accessary)
8. Fast and safe treatment, with obvious treatment effect oweing to the mature technology imported from German.

Product Specification / Models
RF output mode: Mono-polar and Bi-polar
RF energy density: < 300J/CM3
RF output power: < 150Watts
RF frequency: variable from 2.25MHz - 6.75MHz
Handpiece: 3*Monopolar + 1*Bipolar
Control panel: 10.4Inch true color touch screen
Software: Customer information management system
Output port: USB port/Colorful printer
Power spec: 220V/50Hz
Power consumption: Max. < 350Watts

1. Skin tightening and lifting
2. Cellulite treatment on arms/belly/back/thigh/hip, improve the orange-peel like tissue on the body
3. Body reshaping and contouring
4. Remove wrinkle on the face/neck area
5. Remove the double chin
6. Fat removing and slimming