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1. Luxury, firm and elegante. No screw will be found on the lock surface. Five-latch mortise.
2. No plastic, cast-steel integrative structure.
3. There is a small hole at the bottom of the front lock for POS machine to pick up the unlocking records easily.
4. The handle lay with no connection, less scrape with other parts to protect them.
5. Door thickness request is not less than 3.8 cm.
6. Pure stainless steel mechanical rotating structure enables its life to be more than 10 years.
7. No longer install the electrical machinery inside the mortise, which facilitates the maintenance work.
8. The installation is extremely convenient. Three parts-- the front lock body, the mortise and the back lock body are very simple and clear.
9. Perfect electronic keys management and many grades management.
10. The "black box" in the lock can store 500 latest unlocking records that can facilitatethe hotels' security and enhance the hotels' credit.
11. Change batteries in the lock most easily.
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Item# Description Technical Parameters
1 Power: 6v(4 segments 1.5 voltage batteries)
2 Static Electric Current: IC touched card lock < 105A
IC touched card lock+electromagnetic lock < 105A
Reaction card lock < 505A
3 Working Electric Current: 100-300mA
4 Keeping Record: 250pieces data can be reserved more than 10 years
5 Using Times about Card: Touched IC card: 100thousand time
Reaction card: illimitable times
6 Battery Life: 12 months in normal status
7 Open Time: 5 seconds
8 Insert Reliability: No mistake even inserted continuously 2000 times
9 Insert Guarantee: Still work well after inserting any illegal card
10 Low Voltage Warning: If the CPU working voltage is less than 4.5 V, it will alert di di tone with the red light flashing when opening door.
11 Capability Resists Static: >15000V
12 Relative Range(use) : 20%-98%
13 Temperature Range(Using) : -200+700
14 Temperature Range(Storage) : -250+850
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hotel lock #6600-75
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