Sell RF module, RS232/RS485/TTL serial data to wireless

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e designed data transceiver mdoule for Serial (UART data) to RF in industrial application with high reliability and stability. They work on ISM frequency band, half duplex integrated receiving and transmitting. Modules could directly connect with monolithic processors, PC, RS485 devices, and other UART components with RS232, RS485 and UART/TTL level interface port. Transparent data interface, shelled and wide temperature design handles in most industrial application, such as ARM, Auto collect data. . .

Products Main Features:
*Carrier frequency: 433M, 450M, 670M, 868M, 915MHz or ISM others.
*IC: cc1020, High SINAD;
*Maximum data rate: 38.4Kbps
*Nakedness and small size, suit for embedding;
*Narrowband and anti-jamming commendably;
*Transparent data interface, suitable for any standard or non-standard user protocols;
*Auto filtration of false data produced in the air, and able to transmit long data frames;
*Good reliability for long-time use, low failure rate, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use;
* Provide rich interface: standard: RS-232/TTL/RAS-485;
* Interface format: 8N1/8E1 user-defined, or customization for other format interface;
* 8 channels, expandable for 16/32 channels according to requirements of customers;
* Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400bps;
* Integration of receiving and transmitting and half duplex;
* Modulating method: GFSK
* Low power consumption and sleep function;
* Operation Temperature: -35 to 75 C.
* Impedance:50&Omega(SMA antenna port, multiple antenna options available) ;
* Complying with EN 300220 and ARIB STD-T67;

Applications areas:
* Automatic meter reading (AMR) and home automation;
* Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) ;
* Remote control, industry data collection;
* Monitoring of remote systems
* Production reporting of active systems
* Wireless remote control alarm, Wireless sensor;
* Sports training & competition;
* Wireless POS, PAD, wireless smart terminal;
* Electronic bus station and intelligent traffic;
* Wireless electronic display screen and queuing machine;