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adope the lastest international RF technology, RF can act a vital role in the figure slimming and skin tender under the union of RF wrinkle dispelling and skin tighting with vacuun absorption. Meanwhie, it combines the traditional chinese medical health care and jar-drawing treatment, together with mordern, lymph dredge perfect, Getting deeply in connective oranization through RF energy, therefor causing a deep diathermanous effect in body, celluar organization expends and causes the production of more collagen protein, which can make the shin more tender and smooth,
vacuum absorption massage technology and the tradtional point medical reaction make a stimulation on major organs, with the combination of the vacuum negative pressure, it increase the blood circulation of the partial body and oxygen quantity, the toxin in the inner parts is distraged through enhancing the metabolism of the lymph systenm, therefore the fibrosis beehive organezation can be well cured , then it reaches an exllent slimming effect!
1:cure the block of blood vessels and lymph vessels
2:imrove the blood circulation
3:enchance the shin's apperceive function and metabolism
4:stimulate and dredge lymph system, blazing the way for toxin drainage.
Freqnency: 1MHZ
Cure block: Φ40mm, Φ32mm
vacuum:continued pulse, to asjust.