Sell RFC Automatic rinser, filler, capper.

RFC Automatic rinser, filler, capper. You May Also Be Interested In: automatic rinser automatic rinser filler capper capper carbonated beverages rinser filler capper
This equipments is designed specifically for the production of drinking water and non-carbonated beverages, such as fruit juice and mineral water. Packed in plastic bottles. Rining, fillig and capping are integrated in one. Fully automatic synchronized machine. Custom integration available to meet specific requirement by our customer.
power supply: 380V 3phase,220v 3phase, optional.
Rinser head:16,18,20,24 pcs. optional.
Filling nozzles: 16,18,20,24 pcs. optional.
Capping head: 6,8 pcs. optional.
Bottle dia. : 50-100mm.
Bottle height: 170-320mm.
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