Sell RFD Rotating Flash Dryer for Chemicals, Foodstuff, feed and minerals

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I. Working Principle
Fresh air is heated in the air heater and then enters the drying tower from the bottom along a tangent line. This will produce spirally rising air current and form strong centrifugal force. The material liquid is thrown to the wall under the effect of centrifugal force. Then its crushed, scrubbed, incised and shattered. So the drying speed is enhanced.
The bottom of dryer is a cone. The section of the cone is upside big and downside small, so the speed of air current is upside low and downside high, and the granules will be downside big and upside small. If some big granules are not completely dry and shattered, will drop to the bottom, and then to be blown up by high-speed airflow. These granules will be dried again. The dry small granules are taken out by airflow. In this way, every granule is uniformly dried.
Multi-layer scratch mixer is equipped at the bottom of the dryer. The material is stirred and shattered in this section; the surface of material become bigger and bigger. The material is dried and shattered until it deviates from the fluidized dryer.
A grader is equipped at the top of the machine. And then, dry powder flow out with hot air. Some granules are not dry enough; their density is big, their spiral diameter is bigger than the inner diameter of the grader, so they are stopped in the dryer, and continue to be dried.
II. Features
1. The evaporation capacity is strong, and the productivity is high.
Through our experience of drying more than 100 kinds of material, we find the evaporating capacity of the rotating flash dryer is 106-1100kg/m2 h. its productivity is 5 times of fluidized dryer under the same situation.
2. Its applicability is wide; the products of it own a good quality.
The moisture content range of wet material and product are 10-60% and 0.5-10%. The size of product can be adjusted between 60-350 meshes (0.25-0.04mm) . This dryer can ensure the quality of the product, such as color and taste of foodstuff, color, strength and solubility of dyestuff etc.
3. Power Saving.
For our advanced type of Flash Dryer, Steam consumption is only around 1/3 of fluidized dryer; 30-50% lower than normal type of rotating flash dryer. The power consumption is 40-60% lower than fluidized dryer.
4. The system is sealed, so theres no loss of material and environment pollution.
5. No pasty material stick on the wall.
The drying material forms a strong spiral current in the drying tower, scouring the material on the wall, therefore no material stick on the wall.
6. The structure is compact; occupying less area and operator is less; the labor intensity is low; and its easy to be operated.
7. At the high temperature area, the heat sensitive material doesnt contact the hot surface, so the problem of heat sensitive material parched is solved.
8. A special feeder is equipped, theres no problem of being blocked. The material can be fed uniformly, quantitatively, successively and stably. The difficulty of paste material feeding is solved
9. The pivotal parts of the dryer are easy to be changed. The main processing parameters are adjustable; so you can choose suitable drying time for different requirements.
10. Compare to normal type of machine, the inner structure of this type is more reasonable, and its easier to be installed and maintained. It owns the feasibility, advantage and practicability of technology.
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