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JS-868 2 door /4 door Controller (RS485, TCP/IP is optional)
1. All-propose and wide application
Integrated with pin, keyboard, Chinese reader, four-door access controller, double-door access Controller, Time& Attendance. It is optional of button and no button, computer white and champagne color. The product is a new-generation production with high performance rate that can meet various customers demand.
2. Advanced technology, steady quality
All input and output pots can prevent shock from static and power. It has strong anti-interference ability and has power failure resisting design. The PCB board has moisture proof and corrosion protection and can adapt to different rough whether
3. Dynamic setting, flexible applications
1 built-in card reader(EM or Mifare ) , 2 sets of Wiegand26 output.
4 sets of Wiegand Interface
1 sets of Unclench-against Switch input
2 sets of Sensor input
4 sets of Button input
4 sets of Relay output
1 sets of Bell port
1 set of RS485 (or TCP/IP) communication interfaces.
4. Chinese/English menu, easy application
Chinese/English Menu port with light, display, owners name and work number.
Issue public short message and personal short message
16 alarm times are available, the alarm supports working day setting.
The clock modification parameter can ensure the correction of time for a long time.
It can be networked (255 sets) and also use TCP/IP and also be in off-line. It can complete the parameter setting by keyboard when is in off-line.
5. Professional door controller, power function
Door control: 4 doors, standard wiegand 26 interface. It can connect with world famous reader such as HID and Motorola.
Support 10240 card holders and store 54000 pieces of card reading information and alarm events, can connect multi-machines. . .
32 time periods/64 time sets/16 application groups/8 types of holidays/validity period for card/card PIN (6 numbers) .
The product has two layers of A. P. B and mutual lock when the hardware is off-line. (Open only one door for each time) .
Only PIN, only card and card & PIN are available. It can also support duress PIN and super PIN.
Soft control of any door, various alarm incidents functions: Open time-out, close time-out, intrude alarm, force alarm, burglar alarm and fire alarm etc.

1. Working Voltage: 8~25V DC
2. Power Consumption: < 2 W
3. Data Saving: >10 years (after power failure)
4. Total Record: 54000 pieces (adjustable)
5. Card Control: 10240 pieces (adjustable)
6. Respond Speed: 0.2 sec
7. LCD Resolution: 128*64 DOTS
8. Build-in Word Base: 16*16 national class two character base
9. Communication Mode: RS485 (TCP/IP is optional)
10. Card Reader: W26, W34, W44 format
11. Card Reading type: EM Compatible or Mifare
12. Inductive Distance: 10-20cm(EM Card) ; 5-10cm(Mifare Card)
13. Networking Capacity: 255 sets(RS485) ; In case of TCP/IP mode, it depends on IP.
14. Working Temperature: -10C~70C
15. Storage Temperature: -40C~85C
16. Dimension: L140*W98*H 33mm
17. Weight: < 300g