Sell RFID Car Immobiliser TP-602

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Based on application of RFID technology, the car will be much safer after installing this immobiliser system. The system will identify the valid driver and will reject the invalid driver.
1. The system will be on armed state while powered on. The state blue LED is flashing, the system is waiting for checking valid RFID key.
2. The system will beep twice when the valid key is put near to the antenna box which indicates the key has passed the validation. The state blue LED will be powered off, the car is then ready to be started. (It's strongly recommended to start the car within 30 seconds to eliminate another validation as the reentry of armed state will be done after 30 seconds) .
3. While the car is started(ACC powered on) within the valid 30 seconds after being identified, the system enter sleep state.
4. At the time when the car stops ( ACC powered off ) , the system will enter the valid 30 seconds immediately. The car could be started ( ACC powered on ) continuously during this 30 seconds. If the car is not started ( ACC powered on ) within 30 senconds after ACC powered off , the system will enter the armed state automatically.

1. Each system is matched with 3 pieces of keys. Each key is unique. The system will alarm continuously in the case of the attempt of passing the identification from an invalid key is detected.
2. If the user starts the car compulsively not within the valid time of 30 seconds, the car oilchannel power will be cut off automatically by the system. Simultaneously, the loud speaker will be powered on.

Technical Parameter:
Working Voltage: 9~16V
Working Current: 16 mA
Working Temperature: -40~80 0.