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Radio Frequency Identification RFID is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which signals through radio frequency automatic identification and access to relevant target data, no need for manual intervention to identify job can work in a variety of harsh environment. RFID technology can identify the high-speed moving object simultaneously and to identify multiple tags, operation fast and convenient
RFID is a simple wireless systems, there are only two basic components, the system used to control, detect and track objects. System asked by a browser (or reader) and a lot of transponder (or tag) the composition of
What are the basic components of RFID?
Tag (Tag) : by the coupling components and chips, each tag has a unique electronic code, attached to the target object ID
Reader (Reader) : read (sometimes also can write to) the tag information equipment, can be designed for hand-held or fixed
Antenna (Antenna) : tags and readers in the intergenerational transmission of RF signals