One Time Sell RFID TAG

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Product instruction:
Item No:KOON-108A
The antenna external
The read-write distance among 0-30meters are adjustable, the biggest distance can reach 150 meters
The software upgrade systems are available and the procedure can update to the latest edition
The radio power are less than 1 mini watt, no radio output in machine waiting condition.
Identify the direction, absolutely no disturb in the vicinage channels.
Read-write speed is 100kbit/second
Highly integration , low cost.
Tally with industrial handle environment
Technical characteristics:
External size:245*142*42mm
Output jack:RS232/485 Weigand 26
Data speed:9600bps(rs232 way)
Power supply:12V
Power consumption: less than 10W
Card reader antenna:
Receive sensitivity:-106Db
Identify distance: adjustable among 0-40 meters

Connector jack specification:5 pin aviation socket
Anti disturbing limit: tally with certain stipulation on GB/T 17618
Use environment:
Work temperature:-40-85 degrees centigrade
Relative humidity:20%-90%
Atmospheric pressure:86kps-106kps
Suitable scope:
Parking lot management
Car identify
Guard against theft and logistics integrative exert
Gate security controlling
Movable goods tracking
Assets management
Product name:KOON-AJ001 intelligence electronic label(card)
Identify distance: over 30m
Power consumption :less than 3mv
Receive angle:60degrees
Send out frequency power :less than 10mw, no output when waiting machine status
Read and write speed: over 100kbit/s
Power supply:3.0V 200Mah
Life span: two years , can go on using when changing batteries