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1) 2. 4G microwave for the opening use frequency band, all passes through the American gauge, the European Union gauge high frequency radiation electromagnetic wave international authentication passes, also power minimum, when the auxiliary pole is short. Certainly does not have the harm to the human body.
2) The LR310A active card is the double cell design, 1.5 seconds fixed time transmit the ID number. The battery may above the long-term usage 2 years. Replaces the battery the specification is CR2032, 3V.
3) LR310B is the double cell design, when the use presses "0N" with the hand, immediate launch encryption ID number. This number is unable for the airborne encryption to explain. The battery may the long time use.
4) When use long-distance range active card, must read the card arrow direction positive dynasty the card direction demonstration. By enters the channel as the confirmation the request.
5) Reads the feeling dead ahead, should not have the metal plate to block accepts the signal. Best leaves the metal plate installment in order to avoid the influence receive is away from the active card to be possible to pass through the glass launch, but cannot cover by the object.
Input voltage DC12V115%
Operating current 150mA
Operating temperature -100~+700
Works the relative humidity 10%~95%
Interface RS485 (CGR-320R) , Weigand (CGR-320W)
Rang 3~10M
frequency 2. 4GHz
Sound/vision prompt BEEP / LED
Card size 87mm X 55mm X 5. 5mm
Read size 125mm X 55mm X 13mm
Weight 250g

CGR-320W Connection:
Red +12VDC
Black GND
Yellow WDATA0
Green WDATA1

CGR-320R Connection:
Red +12VDC
Black GND
Yellow R+
Green R-
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