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1) Thickness: from 0.18mm to 0.40mm, special type is up to 0.50mm
2) Types: stick labels, token card, tag, key chain etc.
3) Material: paper, PP, PET, PVC, plastic
4) Memory: from 64bit to 16Kbit
5) Minimum size of INLAY: 6mm, Dimension of product tags: 250mm*600mm
6) Chips: TI, I-Code, Philips, Infineon, INSIDE, ASK, Rafsec, OMROM, PAV(Smart Control) and other special formats
7) Frequency: 125KHz, 13.56MHZ complied with ISO 15693/1443, and 915 MHz complied with ISO 18000
8) Application: Access control, parking, Stock form, Animal raising, LNG (liquefied natural gas container) , Textile industry, Laundry industry, Fabricate prevent management, Goods renting, Fixing and maintenance, Natural gas, Library, Automobile industry, Athletic sports etc.
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