Sell RG213 Coaxial Cable

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1) Construction
Center Conductor: 13 AWG (2.63mm) 7X0.75 Solid Copper
Dielectric: 6.27+0.02mm Foam PE
Braid Coverage: 96%: 33 AWG (0.18mm) Copper
Jacket: 10.30+0.10mm PVC
Jacket Thickness: 1.10mm
Jacket Minimum Spot: 0.80mm

2) Characteristics
Sparker Test: 4000VAC
Dielectric Strength: Conductor to Shield :10000 VDC
Impedance: 50+3Ohm
Capacitance: 30.8+3pF/Ft (Nom. )
Velocity of Propagation: 66.0%
DCR: Conductor: 2.00 ohms/1000Ft
SRL: 15dB (10 to 300 MHz) Swept Tested
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