Sell RG500IHand-Held Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

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The Model RG500 I is a hand-held electromagneticinduction heating apparatus, specializing for the aluminum foil sealing of containers in pharmaceutics, chemical industry, pesticide, foodstuffs, cosmetics and light industry. Containers made of various materials are sealable.
With small size, light weight, easy operation and a sealing head in the dia. of 60mm, it is suitable for low-volume production and operation in labs.
 The machine operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction: The aluminum foil on the bottle top is highly heated instantaneously and melted so that the bottle mouth is closely wrapped and sealed.
 The sealing is damp-proof, mould-proof, forgery-proof and theft-proof and prolongs goods storage time.
 The containers sealable can be made of PE, PP, PS, PET, ABS, glass, porcelain
etc. but not metal.
 With Japans latest modular power devices adopted, it is more economized in power and 20~30 times quicker in instantaneous heating than conventional vacuum tube-induced heaters, its heating efficiency being up to more than 90%.
Technical parameters:
Power output: 500W
Operating frequency: 100KHz 15%
Sealing dia. : 10-60mm
Sealable container height: Not limited
Sealing speed: 1 sec. for a 35mm bottle mouth
Time adj. Displayed by 2-digit LED nixie tubes, 0.1-2.9 sec.
Operating form: Auto controlled and at intervals
Power: Single-phased, AC220V110% 50Hz;110V110% 60Hz
Dimensions: Cabinet: 264W270W98mm (LWWWH)
Weight: 4kg