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Please be aware that the prices stated are general and totally negotiable,
In order to give you our right quotation, we need LOI+BCL or ICPO to make the FCO "ad hoc" to your demands.

Payment Terms:
Transferable, confirmed, revolving LC 100% at sight issued and confirmed by top-50 Bank and Seller4s Bank.


Origin: Vietnam
Rice 5% Broken Long Grain: CIF ASWP US 495.00
Rice 15% Broken Long Grain: CIF ASWP US 455.00

Origin: Pakistan
Rice 5% Broken Long Grain: CIF ASWP US 500.00
Rice 15% Broken Long Grain: CIF ASWP US 480.00

Origin: Thailand
Jasmine Rice 100% Packing 25kg PP Bag Price 950.00/ MT
Thai White Rice 100% Packing 25kg PP Bag Price USD 700.00/ MT
Thai White Rice 25% Packing 25kg PP Bag Price USD 585.00/ MT
Thai White Rice5% Packing 25kg PP Bag Price USD 670.00/ MT
Thai Parboiled Rice 100% Packing 25kg PP Bag Price USD 735.00/ MT
Thai Parboiled Rice 5% Packing 25kg PP Bag Price USD 830.00/ MT
Glutinous Rice 100% Packing 25kg PP Bag Price USD 640.00/ MT
Broken Jasmine Rice A1 Super Packing 25kg PP Bag Price USD 630.00/ MT
Broken White Rice Packing 25kg PP Bag Price USD 580.00/ MT

Also we can offer from Africa, Honduras and Uruguay


As we have stated in our home webpage:

In order to manage our transactions in a clear and reliable way either for the buyer and supplier, we base our operations on the international commerce standard "step by step".

Though some people think that this could take more time than necessary, please be aware that this order was made indead to not make waste time to buyer/suppliers in scams or "not potential" buyers/supplier. However each supplier may skip or add some points, the first one is universal.


1st: Buyer issues a LOI or ICPO with permission for soft bank prove.

This step do not only help the supplier to make a prompt and correct offer based in what buyers are looking for, also helps in the negotiation of prices and different items.

Please be aware that this is not a contract, this doesn4t bound the buyer only to the supplier that receive it.

The soft bank prove or BCL, with contact person at the bank, is a must because the supplier have to check that the buyer is financially ready and have the backup of his bank, in order to not waste time in just questions or safe the quantity for the buyer.
Please be aware that the only thing that the supplier can do with it is to contact the bank to its approval. The supplier cannot know how much do you have in your account, or transactions you make, or whatever.

2nd: Seller forwards Draft-contract signed sealed.

3rd: Contract is agreed upon hard copies signed & exchanged via DHL, mail, fax (Buyer4s choice)

After sign contract the buyer or an inspection agency can visit the deposit/refinery to check the availability of the product NOW.
We suggest strongly do not trust in past B/Ls or SGSs, because first they can be easily photoshoped, second it doesn4t garantee that the product is available NOW. The safest way is visit or send an inspector to the deposit after sign contract and BEFORE OPEN LC.

4rd: Buyer issue LC pre advice MT705

This type of payment (Letter of Credit) guards buyers.

5th: Seller activates the non-operative L/C by issuing 2% PB & issues POP, and buyer issue transferable LC.

6th: Delivery begins as per schedule of shipments in contract agreed between the buyer/seller until completion of the contract

Time is Money, let us not waste yours or ours.