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The RIPPLE AIR MATTRESS is a low air-loss mattress system that minimises maceration of the skin by removing excess moisture from the user/surface interface. This RIPPLE AIR MATTRESS provides pressure relief by the patented sequentially deflating and inflating alternate air cells on a timed interval, effectively preventing bed sores and providing comfort to the patient. The RIPPLE AIR MATTRESS, offers a low air loss therapy, provides patients a comfortable pressure support suiting for each individual. The patented cell-in-cell design allows the inflation and deflation of air cells to be achieved in the shortest amount of time while providing the good pressure dispersion. The RIPPLE AIR MATTRESS is made of the highest quality materials making it durable and reliable for homecare and hospital long-term care.

- Low air-loss and Alternating Pressure Therapy helps promote blood circulation
- Alternating mode adjustments  from 0-10 (adjustable to the individual preference. )
- Lightweight for easy transport
- Reliable and whisper-quiet operation
- Supports weights up to 135kg
- It is made of durable NYLON with PVC material on the inside which is soft to the skin.
- The removable cover is water proof and provides cool ventilation on the skin, effectively preventing bed sores and comfort to the patient.
- The 18 air tubes are installed separately and if any tube is blotted or damaged, the single individual air tube can be easily replaced.
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Power Requirements
110V / 220V 50/60Hz