Sell RMCP001V Video Card

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Designed for AGP-4x
High speed 64 bit SDRAM local frame buffer memory 300MHz RAMDAC
High performance 128bit 2D/GUI/DriectDraw Acceleration
Twin-Texel(TNT) 32 bit graphivs pipline
32 bit ARGB rendering with destination alpha
24 bit Z-buffer, 8 bit stencil buffer
Optimized for Direct 3d and complete support for DirectX
Anisotropic filtering(better than Tri-Linear MIP-mapping)
100% hardware triangle setup engine
Full speed playback of MPEG1 and MPEG2, Indeo, Cinepak and etc.
VESA - DPMS 2.0 and DDC@ support
Max. Memory Size 32MB
Optional Digitial Flat Panel support