Sell RMNTWL001Wireless IP bridge

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1. Product General Information
1.1 Product Description
The Access Point is fully compatible with the IEEE802.11b wireless standard and based on the Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Technology, additional with the Modulation Method Packet Binary Convolutional Code(PBCC) to provide a data rate up to 22Mbps. It supports IEEE802.3 10BaseT and 100 Base TX port for easy interfacing to Ethernet backbone. Web page based configuration utility combined with excellent level of security to provide robustness and roaming features required for personal, SOHO and enterprise solution. It is a key component for building up a wireless network that connects the wired networks.
1.2Special Features Highlights:
High-Speed wireless connection up 22Mbps
WEP Encryption function, up to 256 Bits
Power Saving operation mode
DHCP Server (Option)
DHCP Client
3 operating mode available: Access Point, AP Client and Bridge (Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multi-point)
1.3 Product Feature
IEEE802.11b Direct Sequence high data rate compatible
Extra modulation type, Packet Binary Convolutional Code(PBCC)
High-Speed wireless connection, up to 22Mbps format
Advanced Power Management supports power saving mode for workstations
Auto fallback data rate in the environment of interference
WEP Encryption function (64/128/256Bits hardware supported)
External two fixed dipole antennas for diversity function
Plug-and-Play installation
1.4 Product Application
Home networking for device sharing, Wireless Multimedia
Wireless office for extension Ethernet range
Wireless building to building data communication
Build system in Infrastructure mode
Suitable in application for
- difficult-to-wired environments
- temporary LANs for special projects or peak time like in trade exhibition, meetings etc.
- frequently changing environments
- SOHO(Small Office and Home Office)
- remote access to corporate network infrastructure