RO-50GPD HOME WATER FILTER You May Also Be Interested In: home water filter reverse osmosis ro ro water purifiers uf membrane water filter
working principle :1st Stage --- 10" Sediment PP Filter 5u

2nd Stage --- 10" KA Block Carbon Filter

3rd Stage --- 10" Sediment PP Filter 1u

4th Stage --- CSM 50G RO Membrane

5th Stage --- CL-10 Post Carbon Filter

5 micon inline PP filter
the aperture of PP filter is no more than 5 micron, which guarantees the officient
elimination of solid impurities such as sand and rust in the source water.

granule Active carbon filter
it can absorb the chlorine, foul smell and other substances in the water.

1 micron inline pp filter
it can eliminate even tinier impurities such as molecules and rust.

its aperture is 0.0001 micron, which ensures the efficient elimination of
germs, toxins, heavy metals, salt and other harmful substances.

post carbon filter
it can restrain the regrownth of germs and improve the taste of pure WATER

Model RO-50G
Working Voltage AC 220V / DC 24V
Max output of water per day 189L (50 gal. )
Store uantity of press bottle 12L (3.2 gal. )
The demand of water temperature 5-450
Max TDS of water 1000mg/L
The degree of purify water The rate of taking off salt reach at 92-99%
Configuration Five grades with pump
Washing way( it have this function with odditional euipment) Manual Or AUTO

B:Daily production: 50GPD/189L
E:Inlet Water: 1000ppm
F:Main Rejection: 92-99%
G:Treatment Stages: 5
H:Optional: Hanille Flush/Auto Flush

we can do the hot and cold RO WATER PURIFIERS VENDING MACHINEs 400GPD 600GPD 800GPD 1000GPD 1300GPD 1800GPD

RO SERIES OF WATER FILTRATION STATION The water filter station consists of booster pump, pretreatment units (including quartz sand filter, active carbon filter and micropore-pp membrane filter) , high pressure pump, reverse osmosis (RO) membrane, inline carbon filter, stainless steel tank, refrigeration cold , UV sterilizer and controls etc etc. All these units are mounted on the stainless steel frames for water filtration. The station is used to remove residual suspended solids and organic matter from water and kill bacteria and virus. The portable water is filtered and perfected in this way. The station is unattended and controlled by PLC. It automatically monitors high volume water filtration and long service life