Sell RO Water Dispenser

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Item: RO Water Dispenser
Model No. : ROC-1
Packing size: 62*29*41cm
Power: 220V/50Hz
Water pressure: 0.05-0.5MPa
Filtered water output: 75GPD
Temperature: 5-45 centigrade
Tank capacity: 1.5G
Filter medium: PP, GAC, CTO, RO membrane, Post Carbon
1. Using the world-class RO membrane to efficiently get rid of the micro impurity, organic substance, bacterias, virus, heavy metal and other harmful substance, reserve the water molecule and dissolve oxygen, which will make water taste good;
2. Adopt the micro-computer auto-control system to control the water cut, no need manual operation;
3. The advanced high-tech auto alarm system for filter core changing remind the date to change filter termly;
4. Electric anti-leak protection system: efficiently ehance the safety for usage;
5. Micro-computer auto-flush function: After purifying 90L water, the micro-computer will auto flush one time, it can prolong the life of RO membrane;
6. LCD function: the LCD can indicate the working conditions and filter lifespan;
7. Doule output water faucets.