Sell RO machine

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5-Stage Household RO system machine

Pure Water Output: 50GPD

Stage 1: PP Fiber Filtration
Functions: filtering sand, rust, suspending, mud, sediment, etc. in water.
Stage 2: Granular Active Carbon Filtration
Functions: removing bad smell and filtering organic sediment in water.
Stage 3: Block Active Carbon Filtration
Functions: completely removing bad smell in water.
Stage 4: RO membrane (0.0001micron)
Functions: filtering germ, virus, bacteria, corpuscule, heavy metal, other solute and chemical from tap water processing.
Stage 5: In-Line Post Active Coconut Carbon Filtration
Functions: Adjusting filtered water taste, keeping water fresh.

Booster pumpthe heart of the RO system machine.
Because the weather change, usually RO machine will leak water and lose water pressure after the pump works more than one year. In order to prevent this matte happen, we have researched and maken our pump with special functions:
1) . The pump can work without any water pressure. It works in the condition of no water supply. This pump can suck water 2 meters high from the ground.
2) . The pump can adjust and balance the water pressure. (longer the RO membrane working life)
3) . No leakage and water pressure lose happen.
4) . Lower noise.
5) . CE Approval