ROOF TOP AIR CONDITONER You May Also Be Interested In: air conditoner
Our roof top air-condition have the capability of cooling, heater, ventilation and dehumidification and possess the character of resisting shake attrition and high-dependability. So it can apply to such as farm equipmen, RV and large vehicles, small-scale shipping vehicles etc.

1) Instant cooling/adjustable temperature: It can reduce the environment temperature in a short time in order of passenger's demand.
2) Continuously running in adverse condition.
3) Lengthy continuously running time in acid and alkali condition.
4) The Width & Height capability : The appearance and assembly size keep the same with present products on the market.
5) Quiet operation: Improve comfortableness, low dB(a) .
6) Delay start: With sudden loss of power and rapid reset, compressor is time delayed for 3 minutes for protection