Sell RS-232/V.35 to 10Base-T Converter: REBplus

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RS-232/V.35 to 10Base-T Converter: REBplus


Features & Benefits

>> 100/10M high fast powered self-adapting self-educated long-range Ethernet bridge.
>> LAN according with: IEEE802.3/IEEE802.3u/Ethernet interface: UTP(RJ45)
>> WAN interface: V.24/RS232 & V.35 optional
>> WAN line speed rate reaches up to 10Mbps.
>>speed of filtrating and transmitting is up to 30000 frame/ second.
>> it can store up to10000 MAC. And MAC addresses have functions of automatically learning and updating.
>>Ethernet UTP interface has function of VLAN802.1Q. There have two transmitting mode to choose: data and image.


V-REBplus is a 10/100M, self-adaptive, high performance, self-learning, remote Ethernet bridge. Its low cost make it suitable for cost-sensitive bridging application or as a LAN extender or subsection. The device automatically learn MAC addresses on the LAN to which it is connected, and forward only those frames destined for another LAN. There are about 10000 addresses in its LAN table. Those addresses can update automatically. Filtering and forwarding are performed at wire speed up to 30000 frames/second. Buffer is 16M. Throughput delay is 1 frame. When it is used as a extender or subsection, it can forbid filtrating to let all of the amount of traffic are transmitted in WAN. Its 10 BaseT interface can run in full duplex Ethernet with topology and improve data throughput by eliminating the padding bit in 64 bytes frame. Variable speed up to 10Mbpson on the WAN line is supported transparently. The line rate may be adjusted in running without any influence to V-REBplus. V-REB plus does not perform any negotiation over the link, which is specially suitable for satellites and other wireless broadcast applications.

Its Ethernet UTP interface has VLAN802.1Q function. It has two transmission modes to choose: data and image.



LAN Table:
10000, automatically learning and updating

Rates of Filtering and Forwarding:
30000 frames/second

Buffer :

Throughput Delay :
1 frame


According with IEE802.3/ IE802.3u Ethernet

Work mode:
full duplex/ half duplex

Data rate:
100/ 10Mbps self-adaptive

Physical interface:
10 BaseT(UTP) , shielded RJ-45


Work mode:
synchronous, external clock, full duplex, HDLC high data link

Line rate:
transmit rate followed Modem automatically

Interface definition:
DTE mode, options, V.24/RS232 or V.35

Physical interface:
DB25 core

Power supply:
220V +/- 10%,50Hz;48VDC(optional)

Power consumption:



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