Sell RS-232 Fiber Optic Modem

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RS-232 optic modem converts the electrical signal into optical signal for transmission over fiber optic cable. It not only resolves the contradiction between communication distance and communication data rate, but also resolves the difficulties of electromagnetism molestation, geographical surroundings molestation and so on, which greatly improves the reliability and security of the data communication.

 Frame format: unframe
 Bit rate auto-negotiation
 Indicators: PWR, TX, RX, FXL
 Industry standard design and metal shell
 Connector: DB9/ ST, SC, FC are selectable
 RS-232 interface: TX, RX, GND
 the connection between MOD-232 and MOD-485/422 can realize to conversion of RS-232 and RS-485/422

 RS-232 interface: DB9 hole, TX, RX, GND tri-ring RS-232 interface
 ST, SC, FC optic port are selectable
 Power: DC5V + power adapter
 Current: <300mA
 Data rate: 0~115.2Kbps auto-negotiation
 Fiber: SM 9/1255m (MM 62.5/1255m or 50/1255m)
 Wavelength: 1310nm (850nm)
 Transmitting power: -8.5dbm(-15dbm)
 Receiving sensitivity: -38dbm(-32dbm)
 Distance: 2, 5, 20, 40, 100km
 Rate of fault code: <=10-9
 Operating temperature: -450 ~ 850
 Humidity: 5%~95% (non condensation)
 Size: 90mmW70mmW30mm
 Weight: 0.5kg