Sell RT18/RT14 Fuse

RT18/RT14 Fuse
Type RT18/RT14 Fuse features light weight, small size, low power loss and high breaking capacity. This product has been widely used in overload and short circuit protection for electric installations.
This product conforms to IEC-60269.

Type Rated Voltage Rated Current Weight
RT18-32 1P 380V 32A .075Kg
RT18-32 2P 380V 32A .150Kg
RT18-32 3P 380V 32A .220Kg
RT18-63 1P 380V 63A .180Kg
RT18-63 2P 380V 63A .360Kg
RT18-63 3P 380V 63A .540Kg
RT14-20 500V 16A .082Kg
RT14-32 500V 32A .160Kg
RT14-63 500V 63A .290Kg