Sell RTD: CAIPIVERITAS, Caipirinha in a can, Ready to Drink

RTD: CAIPIVERITAS, Caipirinha in a can, Ready to Drink You May Also Be Interested In: cardboard boxes drink eucalyptus plastic wraps pressed steel
Experiment this Summer's sensation, the best caipirinha [Brazilian National Drink] in a can. ALL NATURAL! No preservatives, no conservants. Just Chill, Shake and Drink. This is THE flavor of Brazil.

About the Product:
CAIPIRINHA VERITAS is the true Brazilian caipirinha, made with the best cachaga Veritas, the cachaga premium of Brazil, delicious, natural, tasty and ready to drink. Just chill, shake, and drink. Made with limejuice, cachaga and sugar, and without any additives or preservatives, it is totally natural.
Alcohol content: 10% alcohol/volume
Shelf-life: 12 months, if stored below 25oC/ 78:F
CAIPIRINHA VERITAS is marketed in cans of pressed steel, with a volume of 250ml, covered internally with four coats of inert varnish. The cans are presented in 6-packs covered in heat-shrunk plastic wraps. They are packed in cardboard boxes of 36 cans each and then stacked on pallets of eucalyptus wood, with 4,536 cans per pallet, 10 pallets per 20 container. Total per container is 45,360 cans.
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