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RTV-2 silicone rubber application:
RTV-2 molding silicone rubber application

RTV-2 molding silicone rubber mainly applicable to make the silicone mould for cultural relic duplication, architectural decoration, resin crafts, lighting ornaments, candles, statues, model design, product exploitation, etc.

RTV-2 molding silicone rubber features :

RTV-2 molding silicone rubber, silicon rubber are generally named two -component room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber, a kind elastic silicone rubber mold which features with resistance to deformation, high-temperature, acid-alkali and expansion

RTV-2 silicone rubber instruction:

RTV-2 molding silicone rubber are generally named as two-part room temperature sulfurated silicone rubber, which features an exceptional fluidity and good operability. When mixed with 2-3% curing agent, they can still be operated within 30 minutes, but will be formed after 2-3 hours. With resistance to deformation, high temperature, acid and alkali, and expansion, silicon flexible molds are used for mold duplication and delicate mold making for poli crafts, resin crafts lighting and candle crafts.

The proportions and reactions of the curing agent and the silicon are listed as follows:

1. Adding curing agent 1%, the silicone can still be operated within 2.5 hours and can be demoulded after 6-8 hours.

2. Adding curing agent 2%, the silicone can still be operated within 50 minutes to 1 hour and can be demoulded after 2-3 hours.

3. Adding curing agent 3%, the silicone can still be operated within 28 - 30 minutes and can be demoulded after 1.5-2 hours.

4. Adding curing agent 4%, the silicone can still be operated within 10 - 15 minutes and can be demoulded after 1 -1.5 hours.

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What is RTV-2 molding silicone rubber?

The molding silicone rubber (RTV-2) is a two-component room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber. Two parts of compounds have crosslinking reaction under the presence of catalyst to form a flexible elastomer. The molding silicone rubber can be mainly used for various molds making, it is widely used in unsaturated resin, epoxy resin, polyurethanes decorations and crafts mold duplication and for furniture imitating ancient style, ceramics, artistic candle, artificial status, duplication of cultural relics, artificial imitation of natural stone, shoe mold, lighting arts, etc. It has good high temperature resistance, excellent tensile strength and tear strength, low shrinkage and not easy to deform, etc.

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