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Containing the following distinguished products :
(A) RS-4 Electronic Corrosion Control Systems for automobiles to be specified for Cars or Trucks & Busses.
(B) Rx100 Anti-Corrosive Penetrative & Protective Coat packed in an assortment of 25 litre bulk poly cans, 1 litre , 5 litre retail pack cans.
(C) 300 ml Aerosol cans Rx100
Features and Benefits :
(1) Protects the entire vehicle inside and outside.
(2) Suitable for new and used vehicles.
(3) Effective in wet and dry conditions.
(4) Prolong the vehicle life and maintaining a high re-sale value.
(5) Affordable with no ongoing costs.
(6) Tested and Proven to be effective.
(7) Will no interfere with other electrical installations.
(8) Will not deteriorate plastics or discolor painted surfaces.
(9) Based on Laws of Physics and Electronics.
(10) Only system to successfully combine both Impressed Current and Sacrificial Anode technologies to be effective in wet and dry conditions.
(11) Stops existing rust from spreading.
(13) compliments any spray-on system.
(14) Fully transferable to your next vehicle.
(15) Stepped up voltage of 45 volts for maximum effectiveness, with minimal current drain.
(16) Quick and easy to install.
(17) It gives a visual indication that the unit is operational.
(18) It gives a visual low battery voltage and fault indication.
(19) It gives visual inspection indication.
(20) Automatic cut-out to prevent discharge of the battery in the event of an output short-circuit.
(21) Environmental-friendly.
(22) Uses less battery current than most car alarm systems.
(23) Voltage Spike Protection using Metal Oxide Varistors.
(24) Available in 12V and 24V models.
(25) Made in South Africa.
(26) Made from high quality parts.
(28) Fully installation instructions are provided with each unit.
(29) Does not invalidate manufacturers warranties of electrical equipment.
(30) Safe and will not cause electrical shocks if a person touches the vehicle.
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