Sell RXG1Wirewound Resistors

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Suitable for PCB assembly;
used in direct-current (DC) or low frequency alternating current (AC) circuit.
Axial lead wire
small size with high power ratings ;
Application standard:
SJ274687 RXG1 Power Type Vitreous Enamel (axial lead) Wirewound Resistor detail specification
Solderability 235150, 2s slot welding solder damps the terminal and flows freely
Short Time Overload Rated PowerW10, 5sec Δ R<=1 (1%R+0.05(Ohms))
Terminal Strength <=4.3W 10N, >=6W 20N Δ R<=1 (1%R+0.05(Ohms))
Temperature Rapid Change -550, +2000, 5 Cycles Δ R<=1 (1%R+0.05(Ohms))
Vibration 10-500Hz, 98g, 6 h Δ R<=1 (1%R+0.05(Ohms))
Shock 490g, 11ms, 18 times Δ R<=1 (1%R+0.05(Ohms))
Bump 390g, 4000 times Δ R<=1 (1%R+0.05(Ohms))
Temperature Rise Rated Power <2450
Moisture(steady state) Temperature : 40120,
Moisture: 93 %RH, 56 days
Δ R<=1 (5%R+0.1(Ohms))
Load life Rated Power 1000h Δ R<=1 (5%R+0.1(Ohms))