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The Rocky Mountain. DLS-312 is the fastest radar detector & laser scrambler available today.
It is a fully Integrated 15 Band Radar/ Laser Detector & Laser Scrambler with NEW Micro-Scan Technology.

The Rocky Mountain. DSL-312 detects ALL Radar Bands and Laser Radar now in use!
How does the radar scrambler work? It works on all police radar bands. (X, K, Ka, & super- wide) Inside the scrambler are 3 elements: an FM chirp generator, a mixer diode and a dual ridge wave-guide antenna. When the scrambler is hit by a police radar signal it runs it through the mixer, adding the FM chirp to mix up the signal and using the antenna, reflects back a new signal to the radar gun. The radar guns computer cant recognize the new signal; it gets confused and wont display a reading on the police radar gun, leaving nothing but a blank screen for the officer to view.

Are the units legal? Yes. The FCC regulates all consumer products that transmit or leak radio frequency into the air. (Part 15 of the FCC code) Since the scrambler and the combination units do not transmit but merely act as a reflective receiver they are legal under the FCC regulations. Regarding the laser scrambler, there are no Federal laws against transmission of infrared light, so the laser-scrambling portion is legal as well.

Where are units illegal? The scrambler and the combination units are banned in OK, MN, VA, CA, NE, UT, and Washington, D. C. They are legal in some providences of Canada and many foreign countries.

Rocky Mountain. Radar is the Worlds only Radar/Laser Detector and scrambler in one complete unit.

New Advanced Micro-Scan for POP Radar detection.
New Smart-Scan for faster detection and lower falsing.
Radar/Laser Detector and Laser Scrambler.
Integrated Laser Scrambler - Disables Police LIDAR.
360 degrees laser detection
Detects all Radar bands (X, K, Ka, SuperWide, Pulse, Instant-On, POP, Photo) .
Detects all Laser Radar (Pro-Laser, LTI, Laser-Lite)
Detects Safety Radar and Safety Warning System (SWS)
VG-2 Undetectable
7-User Selectable Features/15 Band Detection
Selectable Alert Tones, Last setting memory
Signal Strength, Mute, Dim, City/Highway Functions
Includes: Windshield Mounting Bracket and Coiled power cord
Dimensions: 1.1 in. H x 2.5 in. W x 3.6 in D
One Year Warranty!
One Year Ticket Rebate Program!
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Rocky Mountain
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