Sell Radial PCR Tyre (14'-16')

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The economical and excellent tread-wear of the SU-810 is specially developed for the Light Truck tyres. These tyres feature low rolling resistance, high fuel efficiency, deeper groove design coupled with new improved long lasting tread-wear compound formula and excellent sideslip protection with heat displacement, will greatly enhance the performance of these tyres.

185/80R14 205/70R14 195/65HR15
165/70R14 215/70HR15 205/65HR15
175/70TR13 215/65HR15 225/60R16
185/70TR13 205/65R16 215/65R16
185/70R14 185/65HR14 165/60HR14
195/70R14 185/65HR15 225/60R15
215/60R15 215/60VR16 195/60HR14
185/60HR14 205/60HR15 205/60VR16
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