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This product is a new type of electromagnetic wave absorbing material, is a combination of high energy materials and rare natural seabed minerals in the composition of its principles is to add polymer medium electromagnetic loss of material, using thermal energy conversion of the electromagnetic theory, relying on the hysteresis loss, Remanence loss, the domain wall resonance, the eddy current losses, loss and rely on the resonance of the electronic media, the interface to eliminate polarization decay absorb radiation, which form a card to card weaken as the center of the electromagnetic plane, which play a protective electromagnetic radiation Role. Performance similar to the U. S. stealth aircraft coating, and market it on a metal shielding products is essentially different from a frequency bandwidth, the thickness of thin, strong absorption capacity, convenient, lightweight, and other characteristics, is a true sense of absorption elimination of radiation pollution High-tech products. At the same time continuous release negative ions, can reach 3000-5000 / per cubic centimeter, and negative ions generated static electricity and electromagnetic radiation and in the MMH. Elimination of radiation hazards to ensure that the human body around the small environment purification, this product can be separated to eliminate all the low-frequency electrical \ IF \ 7, and other high-frequency band of electromagnetic radiation. Applies to family and work.
This card should wear on the body, continue to release negative ions, the activation of human cells, help to improve cardiac function \ enhance nutrition and cardiac cell metabolism, also have some analgesic effect.

Radiation effects >= 90%, absorbing a radius of up to 50 cm