Sell Radio control battle car #3

Radio control battle car #3 You May Also Be Interested In: chariot chariots radio transmitter
1) Full function: forward, left, right, attack
2) Frequency: 27Mhz
3) 4 channels: A, B, C, D
4) Six styles of chariots for choices
5) 4 players are permitted in one game

1) Radio transmitter
2) 1 x 7.2V Ni-Cd rechargeable battery (included)
3) 1 x 9V for transmitter (included)
3) Adapter

How to play:
1) Crash indicator:
a) If it's light, it's powerful and active
b) If it's glimmery, it was hit and wounded by the opponent
c) If it wont' shine, it is exhausted, reseting will make it revival
2) Score
a) Attack: If chariot A attacked chariot B, and B collapsed/exhausted
or get out, then A will get 5 scores
b) Inter-attack: if chariot A launched attack to chariot B and hit
B, meanwhile, was hit by B, then A get 3 scores, B get 2 scores
c) The high-score-player is the winner

PICTURE BOX:31.8*16.5*21.4CM