Sell Radiologic Image Workstation

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Why Radiologic Workstation?

-Scanner console inconvenient for image viewing
-Generate report of diagnosis
-More flexible layout of filming
-Huge capacity of online storage and CD-R/DVD burning
-Advanced image processing functions
-Film digitized storage and management

Main functions:

-Receive DICOM image from radiology modalities
-Scan film into DICOM image
-CD-R/DVD burning support
- Provide basic and advanced image manipulation for medical diagnosis
-Up to 10x10 layout for image viewing and filming
-Generate medical report with professional templates
-MPR/SSD/VR 3-D packages are optional


- Adapt any display resolution and support full screen image manipulation
-Image list supports thumbnail display
-ROI auto-windowing and histogram-windowing
-Unify viewing and filming layout, filming in viewing, what you see is what you want
-Common-used words auto-save to reduce typing input
-Multitask tab for easily shifting current processing task
-User interface style is configurable, changing skin support