Sell Railway Traction Equipment Aluminum Steel Conductor Rail

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Railway Traction Equipment Aluminum Steel Conductor Rail
Aluminum Steel Conductor Rail is a new power supply mode providing traction force to rolling stock by installing conductor rail by the outside of running rail. Compared to the conventional OCS, it is much safer and with less impact on townscape. Therefore, it has been used popularly in traction power supply system of mass transit metros in many cities as a medium between rolling stock and DC power supply equipment.

The most distinguishing feature of the Aluminum Steel Conductor Rail system is its durability, which extends over an extremely long period of time with minimum maintenance. The favorable cost-benefit-ratio resulting from this characteristic secures the system's competitive edge and it explains why the initial investment pays off.

Based on extensive research of modern materials of the Aluminum Steel Conductor Rail system, it ensures a safe and durable service for decades. Designed according to customer requirements, the Aluminum Steel Conductor rail is able to contact from the top, the side or below.

For those which needs new installations we recommend the rail is preferably contacted from below. As a result, the Aluminum Steel Conductor rail can simply be covered with an insulating plastic material to ensure protection against electric shock. In tunnels, we use halogen-free covers made of glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP) . On exposed lines, weather-resistant, PVC covers are usually employed.

Aluminum steel conductor rail is fixed on sleepers or ballast beds of running rail by insulation support, collect shoes can pick up electricity from different sides. In modern conductor rail systems, current receiving at the bottom is widely used: conductor rail can be better protected in all directions.

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