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Miracle Rainbow Crystal Clay is a high-tech product absorbent polymer produced by our company. It has excellent absorbing function and gorgeous colors. It can absorb and retain lots of water and nutritive elements, and release slowly and absorb repeatedly. The product is shining and colorful after absorb water and looks like crystal, thus it can be used for planting and decoration.

The biggest characteristic of Rainbow Crystal Clay is that it does not need soil and it is clean and without ants and bugs and it makes no water pollution. In Planting period, you do not need water and fertilizer frequently, what you need to do is to spray some water and leaf fertilizer occasionally to ensure the necessary moisture and nutrition.
Miracle Rainbow Crystal Clay is inodorous and under certain conditions, it can degrade into small abio-elements that can be absorbed by the plant such as water, carbon dioxide, ammoniaetc. , thus is a green and environment protecting high-tech product.

II. Specification and Main Function Indexes

Appearance Square Irregular(Granule) Round
Absorbing Multiple >100 >100 >90
Moisture <50 <10 <10
PH Value 5.0-8.0 5.0-8.0 5.0-8.0
Packing 10g/bag, 500/bag 5g/bag, 500/bag 5g/bag,500g/bag
*Remark: Packing can be changed according to customers request.

III. Applying Extent
1. Rainbow Crystal Clay mainly apply to indoor decorating plants or plants by water.
2. Especially suitable for: Liana Evergreen, Golden Margin colliniaelegans, Silver Margin Colliniaelegans Liebm , Tiny Coconut, Brazillan Sago Cycas, Dasheen, Cactus, Arrowhedad Plant, Yellowmagin Turfed Bracket plant, etc.

3. IV. Usage
Step1. Plant preparation
(1) . If the plant has been planted in water for a period of time, then it can be planted in Rainbow Crystal Clay directly.
(2) . If the plant has never been planted in water, take it out of earth, wash and clean the root carefully, get rid of the rotten add old root, then let it grow in water for several days for it to get use to the environment.
Step 2. Rainbow Crystal Clays absorbance of water
(1) . Put Rainbows Crystal Clay WRD-A in 40 times of water of its weight, let it absorb water for 8-12 hours. Its ready when it becomes crystal jelly cubes.
(2) . Put Rainbows Crystal WRD-B in 80 times of water of its weight, let it absorb water for about 3 hours. Its ready when it becomes crystal jelly granules.
(3) . If different kinds of colors are needed, please soak them separately. They can be mixed and matched after they absorb of water.
Step 3. Planting and nursing
(1) . Put the prepared plant into suitable container, pour in the Rainbow Crystal Clay and fix the root.
(2) . Spray water on the leaves to keep moisture during the period of planting.
(3) . During the planting period Rainbow Crystal Clay may become smaller because of losing of water. It can be reused after they absorb of water, then it can keep on using.
(4) . If the Rainbow Crystal Clay become dirty after a period of time, it can be taken out and wash by water, then it can keep on using.
(5) . Change the Rainbow Crystal Clay when it becomes soft or the color is faded.

VI. Colors

Red Light red Orange Deep yellow Light yellow
Purple Blue Deep green Light green White

VII. Notes
1. Please keep in sealed package before use.
2. Avoid straight sunlight.
3. This product is non-edible. Keep it away from children.
4. If swallow, dont drink any liquid, and go to the doctor immediately.
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