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Our Rapier loom-HZF758 is improved on the base of Model 1515 shuttle loom, it has 6 colors weft selection, exchange color per weft and automatic finding broken weft. it's speed increase very much than the shuttle loom. that the model loom can evidently improve unit area output and fabric quality. Also its suitability is wide.


Dobby open-end device: Adopting GT221 high speed dobby(engine drive)

Dobby Feathers:
Adopts advanted maching methods and technology, guarantee the balance of the frame movement.
Adopts rigid driving. Suitable for the production of weighter fabrics.
High precision, low voice.

Dobby parameters
Composition: Dobby and Dobby heald reversing motion
Type of shedding: Double lift full open
Method of mounting: In high position, left and right side
Lifting units: 20(include colorselecting)
Pitch: 12mm
Signal reading method: Cycle card
Lubricate: Semi-auto Lubricating
Suitable speen for looms: 280r/min
Suitable reed width for looms: 140cm-380cm

Signal Features
Advanced instructure, suitable for higher loom speed.
Stable driving, safety and reliable movement.
Suitable for weaving more complicated patterns.
Easy and rapid for changing the variety of the fabric patterns.

1. Machine model: Rapier loom HZF758
2. Reed width: 180cm (or according to customers need, max 360cm)
3. Finished fabric width: 180cm-360cm
4. Loom speed (RMP) : 180-200 rmp
5. Motor speed (RPM) : 960 rmp
6. Diameter of warp beam disk: 600mm
7. Maximum cloth rolling diameter: 500mm
8. No. Of heddle frame: 14pages
9. Shedding width details: 8-9cm (100-120MM)
10. Weft density per cm/inch: 16. 5-250 WEFT PER INCH
11. No. Of weft selection/colure: 6 colors
12. Beating device : 4 links
13. Letoff motion device: Positive mechanical let-off
14. Motor power capacity: 1. 5kw
15. Electrical operation of the loom: Controlled by microcomputer box
16. Weft hunting device: Weft selection by dobby(mechanism )
17. Take-up device : Mechanical take-up by Spring device
18. No. Of weft accumulators: 6
19. No. Of warp beam with the loom: 4 pieces of warp beam.
20. No. Of cloth beam with the loom: 2 pieces of cloth beam
21. No. Of reaper head with the machine: TWO piece of sending gripper,
TWO piece of receiving gripper
22. No. Of driving belt with the machine: 3 pieces of driving belt
23. Weaving yarn details: Catton, Wool, Chemical fabric.
24. Center selvedge device: Magnetism selvage

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Steven Zhang