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This the most complete autobiography of the most powerful president of Republic Indonesia with his controversial. This book recounts the life story of the President Soeharto as told by him to two Indonesian authors.
This book told that Soeharto was not trained and educated to become the leader of his country. He wasnt a son of nobility who would have been groomed to head the nation. Nor was he destined from birth to do so. Instead, he was just another village boy, born to a poor farming family. These and other episodes of his life are vividly described in his autobiography.

Young Soeharto was the son of a poor farmer who lived in the village of Kemusuk, South of the Central Java city in Yogyakarta. At the age of eight he was place under the care of his uncle and aunt, Bapak and Ibu Prawirohardjo. The problems in life which the child encountered made him self-reliant and helped to shape his future destiny.

This rare book is very interesting because written at the golden era of Soeharto regime. And now is in 2005 seven years after his fall. And this is a rare valuable book for the concerned scholar as much as for the collector or enthusiast.