Sell Raspberry ketone glucoside

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Molecular formula: C16H22O7
CAS NO. :38963-94-9
White or light white crystal powder, easily dissolve in water, can dissolve in alcohol and other polarity organic solvents.
Quality index:
Melting point: 111 to 117 centigrade
Heavy melt: Max.0.002%
Optical rotation:-530 to -570.
Content: Min.98%
Character:It can Effective inhibit the formation of melanin and prohibit the activity of tyrosinase. It also is nitric oxide catching agent. As you known, the free radicals of active oxygen and lipid peroxide, caused by work press and ultraviolet radiation, can arouse dermatitis and harm skin tissue heavily. At present study, it was evidence that nitric oxide caused by synthetase harm to skin and make skin rough and aged. It was also one of reasons that cause pigmentation. This product is a good nitric oxide catching agent, so it has aging resistance and make skin whiten and bright.
Safety: This product is no harm, no stimulate and no side-effect by long used.
Using methods: This product can be used in whitening, dispel speckle, aging resistance and amendment cosmetics. The effect is much better when put vitamin E, sunscreener 1789, BL-200 and Dragosantol into the formula.
Dosage: 1 to 3%
Package and Storage: 1kg/bag, Aluminium bag. Closed, shady and cool, drying place and protected from light.