Sell Raw Rice

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We are Traders of Vietnam raw Rice.

Our Head office is located at Kaohsiung City (Taiwan) ; branch offices are at Kowloon (Hong Kong) , GuangDong (China) , Odessa ( Ukraine) , Rio Brazil and Kolkata (India)

Vietnam raw Rice
Specifications Vietnamese long grain white rice
+ Broken: 15.0% max

+ Moisture: 14% max

+ Damaged kernels: 1.5% max

+ Yellow kernels: 1.25% max

+ Foreign matters: 0.2% max

+ Glutinous kernels: 1.5% max

+ Paddy kernels: 25 seeds/ kg max

+ Chalky kernels: 7.0% max

+ Immature kernels: 0.3% max

+ Milling degree: Reasonable milled

1) Unit Price FOB: US$ 255/MT (15% broken) , Ho Chi Minh City Port, Vietnam,

LC should be transferable and divisible 100% at site from one of the top 100 banks in the world.

Procedure will be as follows:

1. LOI and BCL OR LC Draft (Text of LC)
2. Draft Contract from Seller
3. Signing of Contract
4. LC pre-advice (Buyer Bank should send to Seller Bank By SWIFT "LC will be opened once PB is issued) .
5. PB 2% non-active
6. LC to activate PB
7. Shipment (within 30 to 45 days after receipt of LC at Seller Bank)

The above rate is valid only for next 7 days.


Kalyan Ghosh
Supply Capacity
50000 tons
Condition of Goods
2005 crop
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 to 40 days
Minimum Order Quantity
12500 tons
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale